SYNLAB and Microba combined their expertise to produce an advanced gut microbiome test.


There is unequivocal evidence demonstrating the human gut microbiome acts systemically and is a critical factor in disease. Precise measurement of the gut microbiome is imperative to advance diagnosis and therapy to improve patient management.

This test will be available in Switzerland soon.

Discover the test a nutshell :

  • World-leading expertly curated microbial genome reference database
  • High resolution metagenomic test assessing the composition and functional potential of a patient microbiome
  • Not only an analysis but a complete personalized follow-up on how to improve gut microbiome: 
  • Shows the connection between foods & gut health
  • Prebiotic Food Selector – for personalised dietary interventions 
  • Artificial Intelligence-based predictive gut health score which indicates likelihood of a healthy gut based on machine-learning
  • Comparison feature lets users compare reports & track progress