Lolli-PCR Test

Due to the significant increase in the incidence of the delta variant and COVID-19, the PCR-Lolli test is being promoted in day-care centres, schools and institutions for people with disabilities as a tool to control the spread of coronavirus and to protect the non-vaccinated. The PCR-Lolli test, with its high sensitivity and ease of use, is a particularly suitable method for children and people with disabilities, both in cases of high and low incidence of COVID-19.
Tupfer in Mund nehmen_lolli

Target groups

  • Children between 0 and 12 years
  • Elderly/disabled people
  • All people who have an easier time sucking, gargling or spitting or who have difficulty tolerating a nasopharyngeal swab
  • Pooling or individual testing
  • Repeated testing and/or management of outbreaks 


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