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Do you need a Covid certificate?

In the case of a negative PCR test or proof of a sufficiently high antibody level (antibody measurement in the blood), our laboratory will issue a Covid certificate to you, which can be scanned into the "Covid Certificate" app of the Federal Office.

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What is the COVID certificate?

The COVID certificate is a way to document a COVID-19 vaccination, a passed illness, or a negative test result. The COVID certificate will be issued to you upon request in paper form or as a PDF document with a QR code.

Procedure for obtaining a COVID certificate.

1. Come to one of our blood collection points or test centers.
2. On-site at the time of sample collection, inform them that you need a COVID certificate.
3. Please bring your ID/passport and your health insurance card and have them ready.
4. Sign the consent form on site.
5. Open the already installed "COVID-Certificate" app ("Covid-Cert" app) and create a transfer code.
6. Possible test types that will receive a test certificate: PCR, rapid antigen test or antibody test.
7. You will receive the COVID certificate as a QR code into the "Covid-Certificate"-App ("Covid-Cert"-App).

In addition, you will receive the result and the COVID certificate as a download link via email.

How do I get the COVID certificate?

How you get your COVID certificate depends on whether you want to document a COVID-19 vaccination, a passed disease or a negative test result. 

For vaccinated individuals
You can obtain a COVID certificate upon request if your vaccination meets the following conditions:
- The vaccine is licensed in Switzerland.
- The vaccination must be complete. That is, it must include the number of vaccine doses according to the recommendations of the FOPH.

For recovered persons
You can receive a COVID certificate if the COVID disease was confirmed by a positive PCR test and did not occur more than 365 days ago.
You can apply for the COVID certificate after a positive PCR test in your canton using an online form. The certificate will then be sent to you in paper form by post.  

For negatively tested persons
Do you have a negative PCR test result? Then the COVID certificate will be delivered to you directly in the "Covid Certificate" app upon request from the end of June 2021.
Do you have a negative antigen rapid test result? Then the COVID certificate will be issued directly by the test centers upon request.

Covid certificates are not issued for self-tests.

COVID-19 certificate with a positive antibody test
For the unvaccinated, starting November 16, 2021, the federal government provides the opportunity to obtain a COVID-19 certificate "recovered" based on a "positive antibody test." The COVID-19 certificate is valid for 90 days.

How long is the COVID certificate valid?

The validity period differs depending on whether your COVID certificate documents a COVID 19 vaccination, a passed disease, or a negative test result or a sufficiently high antibody level. Based on new scientific evidence, the validity period may be adjusted.

For vaccinated persons
365 days from administration of the last vaccine dose.

For recovered persons
Validity begins from the 11th day after the positive test result and lasts 365 days from the test result. The certificate issued after an antibody test is valid for 90 days.

For negatively tested persons
PCR test: 72 hours from the time of sample collection.
Rapid antigen test: 48 hours from the time of sample collection.

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