What do I need to know before getting tested?

The gold standard of Covid testing is the nasopharyngeal swab RT-PCR test.

Mouthwash testing (salivary testing) is also possible. However, it cannot be performed in all our collection centres and is not valid for travel. SYNLAB does not perform rapid tests.

How much does the test cost?

Price of the analysis (15.02.21): 139 CHF
This amount includes the cost of the sample collection, the reagents to perform the analysis and the administrative costs. Due to logistic costs it might differ between regions.

How quickly are the results delivered?

In case of a positive result: Result sent by SMS* within 24-48 hours.

*It is essential that all patients provide a valid mobile phone number and email address. In case of a foreign number: Check that the roaming is activated on your phone in order to receive the result.

Negativ results are sent by email and/or post within 24-48 hours..

In case of suspected Covid, the patient is required to stay at home until the negative result is received.

In the case of a test for travel, each patient must find out about the validity of the test by his own means (e.g. 48h or 72h before travel depending on the country). Our laboratory is not able to provide this information. Furthermore, due to the number of requests, we ask patients to anticipate their appointment and to take into account the time required to receive the results in their calculations..

Where to get tested?

In one of our authorised Covid test centres: Book an appointment online
With the exception of the Conthey Drive-in, tests are performed by appointment only.

How can I cancel my online appointment?

Please call the test centre where you made your appointment : See all our test centres 

What do I do if the link sent by SMS does not work or if the result report has not arrived?

For Romandie (western Switzerland): 058 400 17 71

For german speaking Switzerland: 0800 393 393

For Ticino: 058 400 15 10

Who pays for the test?

PCR for travel or asymptomatic parient: Payment by credit card (postfinance not accepted) by the patient at the time of testing.
PCR symptomatic patient: Paid by the canton.

Billing problem related to a COVID test?

For Romandie please call 058 400 18 55

For german speaking Switzerland: 0800 796 346
For Ticino: 058 400 15 10